How To Make The Most Of Strength Training Programs

Before you start the journey of strength training, you need to understand how a muscle is made stronger. Knowing this will help you to follow a good and well put strength training program. This is why you need to know what bodybuilding is and compare it to strength training.

When you are bodybuilding, it means you are breaking down a muscle. This is done when you perform a certain number of reps like 6 to 12 and work the muscle to exhaustion. What bodybuilders generally look for is a burn and a pump in the muscles they're working out. If what you want is to build muscle then you are trying to damage that muscle group. This concept uses the idea that when the muscle repairs itself it will gain and add more mass to the muscle group and that muscle group will be larger. Explore about resistance training.

The aim of strength training is much more different than this. A good strength training program focuses on making the target muscle efficient. If your strength training program is focusing on burning and pumping, then you need to look at it from another angle and change it. Strength training should focus on your nervous system. That is your training your nervous system to send intense impulses to the muscle that you are working on. The program should mostly be about using heavy weights at low repetitions.

If you lift a small weight, let's say 2.5Kgs and curl it your nervous system will not need to work on contracting your bicep muscle. However, if you use a 20kgs weight and curl it, your nervous system will work harder. When you use heavier weights, you reduce the reps in a specific lift.

You need to train your nervous system to shoot out strong impulses to the muscles continuously so that it can be effective. To do this, you will need to do a specific lift many times for the link between the mind and muscle to become strong. Just like any other skill, strength training needs practice so that it can work properly. You can perform 2 to 5 reps but in many sets like maybe between 6 to 10sets. Read more at

Don't take any of your sets to failure. Whenever you train to failure, you are teaching your nervous system to fail. This causes weaker impulses to the muscles when you take on performing the next sets.

Unlike in bodybuilding in strength training, you will need to rest your muscles frequently. This ensures that strong impulses are generated to the muscles.